College is Just a Tool

College is Just a Tool

College is just one of the tools to get ahead in this world, but it’s not the only tool.

I went to college for a solid 5 years, it definitely wasn’t for me. I was always a do-er, I didn’t want to learn things that didn’t apply to me. So when people ask me how I left my job having 2 kids that will need to go to college, I just lie and tell them I have 100k in for each of them in a 529. Because if I told them the truth that they don’t HAVE to go to a 4 year college if they decide they don’t want to they would probably call child services. Realistically if my son is anything like me he’ll just want to do 2 years and be an entrepreneur. I went to a great school and I’m sure I didn’t utilize it properly, so that’s on me. I think I even managed to major in Tai Chi for a semester. Seriously though, who the hell knows what career they like at twenty years old. I still lived in my parents basement. Everyone asks me if i went to business school. Kind of, I went into the real business school called life. I learned business from experience, not a textbook. I know some fields require degrees to practice, like a lawyer, doctor etc. I’m really focused on the people like me, who went to college because I didn’t know what I wanted to do

The one thing I’m sure is not in anyone’s plans is to  have 100k student loan debt. Now before my rant really begins can anyone tell me why has college costs doubled in the last 10 years? Isn’t this the age of technology? We now have phones that are probably smarter than some of my professors. I had a beeper when I went to college, and as much as Ioved texting 143 why isn’t college more efficient, cutting costs and trying to keep commissions down?

(Begin rant) Ohh right, because colleges don’t truly care about education, college has become a business. A business that makes it’s money by constantly recruiting. I went to Hofstra, it was a beautiful campus. Let’s be serious, did they need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on landscaping? No but when you’re business is based on recruiting you can’t have a school covered with the fake grass you find at putting greens.

Now to add onto that they flooded the market and watered down their own degrees so you need to have a masters degree to get an entry level job in some places.  So now you have someone who’s 24 years old that has no idea how the real world works because they’re been in school for 6 years. Do you know how many entrepreneurs you could create if you gave them 6 years working experience and then 100k to start their own business? Again, I didn’t go to business school but it sounds like a much better investment to me.In the 10 (or so) years since I was in college it’s changed even more dramatically. Now you come out of school with a mortgage sized debt and the HOPES of finding a job. And then life kicks you in the jimmy by adding on adult expenses, rent, furniture, cooking, shopping, etc.

So your path gets laid out for you. You now have to work a job you don’t like because you now need to pay to bills and so the cycle begins.

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